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Ignite Growth and Engagement for American Legion Posts

Streamlined Website Builder and Member Management Tool for Strengthening Connections with Veterans and the Community
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Problem & Solution

American Legions face declining membership, affecting community engagement, advocacy, and finances. A modern website can attract potential members, improve visibility, and increase involvement in events and activities.
A user-friendly website simplifies membership recruitment, fosters communication, and supports online fundraising. It serves as an information hub for veterans' resources and empowers advocacy efforts with updates and campaigns.
Strained leadership and volunteer pools can lead to post closures. A modern website is essential to boost visibility, attract members, and engage the community for a stronger American Legion.

What Your Legion Will Get

Streamlined Website Development

Simplify the process of creating a professional website with a pre-designed template and easy customization options.

Efficient Membership Management

Streamline member registrations, renewals, and updates with a centralized platform, reducing manual work and improving accuracy.

Enhanced Communication & Engagement

Enhance member communication by incorporating features such as blogs and event postings.


Intuitive Site Builder

Showcase your Legion's identity with a fully customizable template.

Membership Management

Efficiently manage and track essential membership information.

Event Management

Seamlessly organize and promote your Legion's events.

Security & Privacy

Rest assured, all data is encrypted and securely stored.

24/7 Support

Access comprehensive support to ensure your success.

Member Applications

Effortlessly accept new members to your Legion online.

Inquiry Management

Responsively handle inquiries about your Legion.

Blogging Platform

Effectively share news and updates with members and the community.

Google Maps Integration

Help new members and the community easily locate your Legion.

Donations and Fundraising

Coming soon to empower your fundraising efforts.

Hall Rentals

Coming soon, offering a convenient hall rental system for your Legion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need, one plan.

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What's Included?

Unlimited events
Unlimited articles
Free SSL
Admin dashboard
$15.00 / month
billed yearly
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